Reichel Realty: When a Workout or Receivership is the Solution…

Given current economic challenges, many commercial real estate loans, including development loans, construction loans, and business loans are at potential risk of default. Financial institution supervisory authorities and the FDIC have expressed concern and the need for proactive creative problem solving to limit financial losses. Lenders need to pay close attention. In earlier years, lenders were inclined to foreclose on non-performing loans. However, today lenders are much more inclined to work with borrowers to see that loans are repaid. Many businesses are experiencing temporary or relatively minor financial problems. In those cases, a loan workout or debt restructure is a viable approach to the issue of delinquent loan payments.  The objective for both lender and borrower is to negotiate the most favorable new terms and to maximize capital recovery.

In the current economy, an analysis must be made to determine what action will, in fact, facilitate the most suitable route to capital recovery. The Reichel Realty & Investments Inc. team can provide lenders with the information they need to make the proper decisions.  Real property value determination and creative marketing programs help in the evaluation process.  Reichel Realty & Investments, Inc. is very experienced in facilitating the negotiation process. Alternatives to foreclosure or bankruptcy, such as rescheduling loan payments into lower installments over a longer period of time can then be evaluated.   The proposed new loan terms should enable the business to meet its financial obligations and the lender to achieve the return of its capital.

Sometimes choosing a Receiver is the best decision to safeguard the financial recovery for a distressed commercial asset. The Receiver’s responsibility is to protect the asset and to find a management solution for the project in order to maximize its financial performance.  William Reichel, president of Reichel Realty & Investments, Inc., has over 30 years experience in South Florida commercial work-outs and specializes in Commercial Real Estate receivership services.  The team will develop and implement a Property Strategic plan that works to stabilize the property operations and ensure tenant retention. The firm has the detailed accounting capability and a hands on management approach that is so critical in today’s challenging economic times. Reichel Realty & Investments Inc. also has significant experience and success in leasing, construction management and disposition services.

Reichel Realty & Investments Inc. has extensive experience providing services in situations involving financially troubled real estate.   Reichel Realty & Investments Inc. consults with owners and lenders of real estate on how best to maximize their value.  Reichel Realty & Investments, Inc. can professionally advise lenders with respect to workouts and restructurings and can easily step in as receiver to maximize value of a commercial real estate asset.   Reichel Realty & Investments, Inc. has experience representing buyers and sellers in acquisitions, dispositions, and liquidations of troubled real estate.  Finally, Reichel Realty & Investments, Inc. can knowledgeably and expertly handle the most complicated financial issues facing your commercial real estate.